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Last Mile Delivery Solutions

 with Anti-Theft Security for device

Protect Data

Protect Device

Protect Business


Smart digital platform for end to end last mile deliveries

Goods ownership details at all times

An analytical and predictive intelligence to your activity

Last Mile Delivery Solutions

  • Increase customer service: Quick and efficient resolution of customer queries and issues

  • Real time visibility: Real time visibility of driver and packages, ePOD, operational updates like breakdown and accidents.

  • Greater accuracy and productivity: Eliminating use of paper and manual entry, thereby improving efficiency and strengthened bottom line.
  • Better data capture: Allows better reporting and analysis
  • Go Green: Removing unnecessary burden on environment.

Why Gumshu?

  • No Capex. Just on-demand, anytime, anywhere managed services.

  • First mile and/or Last mile monitoring services on real time basis for your valuable assets.

  • Reduced manual intervention.

  • Route planning will be helpful even when market vehicles are used.

  • Immediately inform branch of any issues with quick and efficient  resolution.

  • Can work online and offline so all updates happen on real time as possible.

  • Send automatic notification to customer, informing them of driver en-route.

  • Auto update of delivery in ERP system.

  • Cloud based platform with integration to your ERP/TMS/WMS

Actionable Notifications and Alerts

  • Image (ePOD) capture and upload notification.

  • Time and location stamp for origin and destination.

  • Device (mobile) switch OFF & ON

  • Geo-fencing and advance notification to destination.

  • Instant delivery notification to customer and company.


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